Idno is an open source social network for you, your group, or your company.

Idno gives you a powerful, customizable social network engine with full access controls, right out of the box. Choose everything from the way it looks to the kinds of content you want to your users to post, and then access it how you want to, when you need to. Idno works as well on a phone as it does on your PC.

Your server or ours.

A fully-installable open source platform, Idno has a complete plugin architecture, template system and access control support. That means you can install it yourself, if you have a web server, and easily extend its functionality - but you don't need to worry about the geeky stuff if you don't want to. You can get going with a fully-hosted social network in just a couple of clicks.

Enterprise-grade commercial support is available.

Keep in touch.

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